Gaming is increasing our enjoyment, and most of us are spending much time on CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars. The game is best on the action and in which you will see many kinds of robots that are for battles purpose. You are playing the role of engineer and upgrade various machines to beat in the game. The gameplay is handy for all, and you can invite your friends to play in it. It is free to play, but for more enjoyment, we have to spend some real money. Several online tournaments are giving us many chances to smash the higher ranking in it.

Millions of players are connected with it, and for long play, we have to know the essential elements of it. In this article, we are introducing all the things.

Upgrade your robot

In the game many kinds of robots are present, and they come in not much equipment, but you have to upgrade them. It is full of action, and you will surprise with some new elements of the game. To play well, the players have to concern on many resources and currencies.

PVP action battles

Battles are the main part of the game, and such are beneficial for leveling up. PVP battles are the right way to test your fighting skills, and it is open to the world. The player can lead on the top by winning in the combats.

Discover new weapons and gadgets

The players can discover weapons and gadgets in a regular period.  The fights are not complete without them. The game gives many kinds of weapons in free, but some of them are purchasable by the in-game currency.

Compete in the world championship

Improve the fighting skills by worldwide championships and lots of active players are spending much time on it. It is leading to getting many kinds of rewards and prizes, and we have to update the game by the latest updates.