Gardenscapes is a fun game offered by playrix where the genre of the game is of puzzle type. The game is easy to understand as you had to collect or arrange pieces either in row or column to earn large number of stars and coins. By Gardenscapes Cheats you were easily understand about the simple ways to be taken to achieve maximum number of stars for you play way.  It is good to know all the features of the game as it will help you to move long in the entire game and also help to set a good rank.

Features of the particular game

  • You can play more than hundreds different matches and levels for your play way.
  • You may also met with the puppy which comes to cheer you.
  • You can make many friends which are based on in-game characters.
  • You may found distinct areas and structures in the garden which may be mysterious mazes, broken fountains and locality based on old mansion.

Know about booster

Booster is the form of pieces which help you to get out of the puzzle when you are in hurry and give you benefit in certain matches. When you join the four pieces altogether then a fire cracker will release and if you use it on right position then it creates an explosion diagonally and you were easily generate large amount of points from them. When you match the five pieces altogether, a bomb is produced and in this way you were easily able to clear all the nearby two tiles whether it is placed in row or in column. In other words, it will make your points by destroying the pieces making a shape of L or T shaped. To establish dynamite moves, you had to match the six pieces altogether. It will destroy all the pieces which are placed in three dimension form.