The developers Pixelberry are amazing game creators, after making a game like ‘Choices’ they have gained massive popularity for making this kind of game. There was no other game like it before, and Choices are a totally new concept of the game. The main reason the game is popular is that it is very to understand and also very easy to play. Players have to choose the option while seeing the condition in order to complete the game. Players can also buy many things with choices cheats to get things faster and easier.

There are few essential tips that will help the players to understand the game better and then they can pay it in a better way.

s  Every chapter has a different story, so in order to complete them, you have to fully understand the story to know the conclusion of the story.

s  When you start any story, learn about the characters and their profession it will help in knowing the answers about future questions.

s  While playing a romantic story, always remember to give an answer in a positive way unless the question is asked in a negative way. It is the best way to completing stories and chapters easily without any failures.

There are plenty of stories already in the game, and still, the developers maintain to upload new chapters every week to not get any player feel bored by not having anything new in the game. Right now there are few famous stories in the game which is ‘The Freshman’ & ‘The crown of the flame.’ With choices cheats, players can easily buy new stuff and currencies.