We are living in the digital world and spending much time on the internet activities’. People are working all day, and after that they want enjoyment. Various types of new things are present on internet for amusement. Mobile games are playing an important role in our life, and the most downloading game is My Story: choose your own path. It is very amazing mobile game, and everyone can play very easily. The game is based on the virtual life of user. Today everyone loves to write his story, so the game provides the best advantage. The game is developed by Nanobit games. We can easily download the game from android store. The game lets you create your own story with some game elements. If you are interested in playing the game, then you can download, and it is free of cost.

Components of the game

Select your story

We can select any story from many options of the game. There are various kinds of stories and make it a wonderful story. The game provides you with many types of emotions and tragedy while playing. You can put your imagination and reality in any story. Story theme only gives an idea to how we can start the game story. Any user easily becomes popular due to the real story or effective story.

Make your character

Stories are not complete without the character. In the game various types of character are available. The game gives the advantage of creating many types of heroes. In your story, one Avatar plays the role of the main hero. The game has several types of tools for styling the heroes and make them star of the game.

 Virtual life

The game gives the chance of living many lives and meets with many people. It is virtual life, and you can do many things in the game. You can make girlfriends and also take them on a date. Enjoy the whole life by the game with My Story Choose Your Own Path Hack.