After installing the game Hempire you can start enjoying the game at your comfort in your spare time. The game is highly addictive for the lover of plants and weed growing industry. The game can be played solo or on joining team. Hempire game provides you bud from which you can make your empire or business a billion dollar industry. There are many levels with different challenges and competition and in order to cross them easily it would good to apply Hempire Hack 2019. You have to compete with your friends as well as foes; you nay deal with the world politics and pests while playing the game Hempire.

Need to get growing

  • During the playing time you try to grow popular marijuana, and so on
  • Lab can be used to breed and discover new hybrid plant and seeds
  • Complete the task to unlock the next level or challenge

To make your Hempire the biggest and the greatest

  • To spread your business and to build your empire billion dollar industry you need to upgrade and repair your grow-op equipments and lights
  • 420 themes of trees and vehicles are facilitated to decorate your building and space.
  • Upgrade your weed farming with advanced tools and techniques
  • Make money and create a big frenzy, auction items, supply items to nearby dispensary
  • How to grow more plants and to know more about how to beat level you need to check quality tips and tricks.

Who are your competitors in the game of Hempire?

The player or lovers of weed games have to confront with the friends and other good players of the game. If you want to beat your own record you can try Hempire Hack 2019. you may play solo but it would be more interesting to play by making new friends and enemies. In this way you would enjoy the hard levels of the games with more enthusiasm. As you successfully complete or compete the difficulties you are rewarded some coins and points or other gifts.